The Students' Studio
By Kris Lee Follow | Public

The Students’ Studio is operated by Yi Qian and Kris, and we specialize in training within the areas of new media. Both professionally trained and with years of experience, our goal is to bring an authentic industry experience to students and to inspire future media professionals. Training in the areas of video production will be held with Yi Qian taking the lead while training in the areas of game design, app creation and animation will be lead by Kris.
We have spent years in the local media industry and we have unique experiences and skills which we wish to share with your students. The training would be conducted personally by us and not freelancers or part-time trainers.

With our wide industry network, learning journeys and talks by industry professionals would be something which we would be able to arrange.

In terms of hardware, we have access to specialty industry equipment and software which otherwise would be out of reach for aspiring student producers.

All training materials will be prepared by The Students’ Studio. We believe that with these elements, The Students’ Studio would be able to offer a unique and valuable learning experience for students

For students who are interested in the media industry, The Students’ Studio offers a valuable chance to learn from industry professionals and gain rare insights into the Singapore media industry.